Beginner’s Guide to Quora: The Most Helpful Uses for Marketers in 2021

 Quora can attract lots of customers and traffic.

There are many questions and answers on this site these days.

The users are required to verify their names and can add bylines identifying their expertise, such as "Digital marketing and consulting".

Therefore, the quality of answers and traffic on this site is much higher than in the past.

Marketers can benefit from using Quora

What is the size of Quora's user base?

To find out what confuses your current and potential customers, marketers can use Quora. Take this information into account when planning future content.

You can build your company's brand image by answering Quora questions related to your industry.

You can influence people to start thinking about the problem in a different way-one that considers your product niche.

It's also okay to explain how your product solves someone's problem, as long as you've explained who you work for. Would you consider that a direct marketing strategy?

Whether you're just getting started with Quora or a seasoned pro, here are how to promote your website on Quora with contextual links.

1) Know who’s viewing you

Each answer contains statistics about how many times it was viewed, by whom, and how often it was viewed. By clicking on "# views," you can find out how many people have viewed your answers. When someone goes to your profile or finds you through tags, or via random browsing, how does your content look?

Quora - use answer stats for important information

Using your personal views page, you can also find out who has viewed your answers.

If you look through these statistics, you'll see which avenues provide the best coverage.

The whole point of marketing on Quora is to gain exposure for your company by influencing others.


My answers seem to refer frequently to Social Media Marketing, as seen above. In the future, I may focus more on answering questions related to Social Media Marketing, or I may tag relevant answers with that topic.

2) Editing and formatting are crucial

The biggest Quora pet peeve of mine is reading answers that are poorly worded, vague, or completely irrelevant.

Edit your response as you would a blog post or report.

It is important to establish trust with the reader and make an impact.

When it comes to formatting, check out Quora's text editor. Break down a long post into numbered or bulleted points for easy reading and scanning.

You can emphasize a certain segment by bolding or italicizing your text (underlining makes it harder to read).

Want to know how to add links in Quora?

When pasted on Quora, links are automatically updated to reflect the title of the landing page. Edit your links so that they read naturally within the sentence. For example:

Default: Real-time bidding is expected to grow 72% this year (Real-time bidding soars, expected to be $7bn market by 2016).

Edited: Real-time bidding is expected to grow 72% this year.

See the difference?

3) A picture is worth… Learn how to add a picture on Quora

The use of images is one way in which many top Quorans effectively convey their ideas.

Well-chosen photographs can clearly illustrate your point. Users may even upload unique images for each post (check out Oliver Emberton's answer for a few good examples).

A thumbnail of the first photo will also appear in the list view of answers next to the text preview.

The natural tendency of readers is to be attracted to images, so they will click through to read your content.

Which of these long feeds appeals to you more?


4) How to get more upvotes on Quora

Your answer to a question should generally be given as soon as possible after it is posted. The question will be fresh in the asker’s mind, and they’ll be more likely to upvote your answer or engage you further.

You do not want to be accused of copying another's idea if you are first - you do not want to compete against anyone else's answer.

Additionally, when answers in the same question receive the same number of upvotes, the older answers tend to remain at the top, meaning fresh eyes and more readers!

5) Get even more social

By linking your Quora account to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, or WordPress accounts, you can easily share your answers on social media.

As soon as you answer or pose a question, an automatic update will be sent to your other platforms.

So you can draw even more people to Quora-especially those who already have an interest in your opinions.

6) Don’t be a victim of answer collapse!

The reason your answer is hidden or collapsed may be one of the following:

  • In the event that you receive a lot of downvotes
  • If the moderator's suggestions for answer improvements haven't been addressed promptly
  • Your account has not been verified with your real name

However, the last two factors can be handled easily as opposed to the first. If there are any urgent notifications, check them regularly.

Additionally, you can easily verify your account through other social media platforms (a win-win!).

Make sure these issues are resolved - don't leave them unattended!

7) Back up your Quora answers

The best answers provide statistics, sources, and references—concrete, specific details that support your argument. Personal stories are great tools as well (and are sometimes the most successful answers), but require much more time to develop.


For each fact or figure, link to the reference source. If you’ve already published a blog post or whitepaper containing this info, link back to it to drive even more traffic!

8) Be genuine

In Quora social media, I see the most inane questions sometimes. I’m talking Yahoo Answers-level questions along the lines of “Can you make me a business plan? Here is my website.” or “How do I marketing??”

Despite the temptation, resist the urge to give sarcastic, condescending answers.

Your actions on Quora can reflect how your company treats its customers, so be aware that you are representing your company there. Also, moderators will collapse any joke answers.

However, well-crafted answers enhance your reputation and can even lead to new business. Whenever someone with a large following votes up your answer, it is also promoted to all of their subscribers.

Conclusion – Start Using Quora!

Quora is a social platform that can help your marketing strategy, something we already know.

We all know that Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to engage with your audience and spread the word about your company, but don't overlook other powerful platforms such as Quora.

Why are you still waiting? Take part in the question and answer contest!

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